Saturday, 30 October 2010

'Slightly wrinkled' and plans for a Give-Away

When my baby kilner jars were delivered from The Jam Jar Shop the box was stuffed with sheets of slightly wrinkled sturdy brown wrapping paper which I just could not bring myself to put in the recycling bin.    There's something about the not-shiny side of the paper that really floats my boat.   (I don't get out much.)   After a wee bit of pondering over a cup of tea and a crunchy/chewy Ikea biscuit, I decided that all this yardage of brown wrapping could be turned into paper bags for my craft fairs.   After absolutely no pondering whatsoever I also decided that 'slightly wrinkled' only added to the handmade aura, so no point ironing it flat.  HAHAHA, me, ironing!!!
The lovely little wren stamp is from the rubber stamp gallery

Quick whizz up both sides on the sewing machine, trim the edges (tried with the pinking shears but it looked too twee and anyway using pinking shears hurts my thumb), and stamp with a pretty birdie and soon had a big pile of paper bags ready for the hordes of buyers who will be flocking to my craft stalls at the end of November.   They will ....won't they?

linen lavender bags by me. 
sweet tape from petits details on Etsy

linen cinnamon sacks
full of heavenly-scented cinnamon bark chips

big luggage tags covered in pale linen
all ready for the New Year

Look out for my next posting:  I'm planning to have a give-away of a little seasonal collection of the things I've made for the Christmas Bazaars.

Hope you're all having a good weekend!


Friday, 15 October 2010

Fairies at the bottom of my garden


Thank you to everyone who had a stab at working out what on earth the heading of my last post meant!   And specially to those who came up with other versions and brought back memories from schooldays  - it's reassuring that I'm not the only one whose upbringing seems to have been seasoned with nonsense.  
When not hunched over my sewing table working on the craft fair production line, I have tried to take some time noticing what's happening in the garden.   I'm elevating that from the reality of it simply being avoidance tactics, I know.
There are so many berries this year:  hips and haws, elderberries, ivy, sloes - am I to take it that this presages another cold and snowy winter?   There'll be plenty for the birds to eat if we do have lots of snow again.

I think there's something special about the Autumn season, particularly if we get some sunny days to appreciate the wonderful glowing colours.   Strange to think that a lot of them are as a result of the decaying process.
Something weird has been happening in the garden on the fungus front.   I'm hoping that this too isn't a sign of death and decay for our trees.   Some of the specimens we've seen have appeared overnight, several inches tall and I can't wait until I've got some time to read more about them.    In the meantime I've been taking photos (more distraction activity), ostensibly so that I can try and identify them later.  

Fascinating unbelievable delicacy.

 They do have a certain fairy-fascination, don't they?

Who lives deep in these dark woods?

OK, off to put my shoulder to the wheel and my nose to the grindstone, and other contortions unsuitable for a girl of my advancing years.   Just what tactics have you been employing to avoid those pressing jobs?  Go on, own up, don't make me feel bad!

                       Lots of love,

Friday, 8 October 2010

ABCD boids, MNO boids, OSAR, OSAR2



lots of love