Sunday, 15 August 2010

Sun, Sand, Sea and .... Sauciness

(by Cathy - 3D bathing belle emerging from the sequinned waves)

Early in the summer, three brave bloggers conspired to throw their artistic insecurities to the winds and take part in a 'tag swap'. Cathy from Menopausal Musing, Lesley from PrintedMaterial, and me. We selected the topic of 'Beside the Seaside' with four headings: On the Prom, On the Beach, Seaside Memories, Favourite Seaside Resort and every couple of weeks we would send each other a tag illustrating the current heading.

(by Lesley - witty use of paint chips, Scrabble tiles and vintage knitting patterns - what a hunk!)

Part of the intention was to try and challenge ourselves to do something unfamiliar, out of our normal comfort zone.   Making something experimental to send off to someone else was exciting, but it was also rather nerve-wracking, even though I knew  that Lesley and Cathy were not going to be sitting in judgement on what they received.  
(Cathy's sand sculpture at her favourite resort)

We hardly knew each other and I did want to make them tags that they would be pleased to have. Fortunately I did manage to relax and have some fun as the weeks went by! It was amazing to see how we all interpreted the themes: sometimes simultaneously tuning into similar ideas, other times chosing quite unexpected methods.

(by Lesley - heady nostalgia, seashells and starfish)
You can imagine the excitement, nay, impatience, waiting for the postman to arrive with the next tag from the girls.   Two of us had to admit to being ripper-openers-of-parcels and peekers-at-presents, while the third (naming no names, but you might be able to work out who) confessed to being able to 'leave a parcel on the side'! (Chrissie and Cathy scratch heads in utter bewilderment....) 

(by Cathy - who has a worrying tendency to set fire to things..)

We've so enjoyed the experience that we would like to do something similar, not necessarily a tag-swap, and were wondering if anyone else might be interested in joining in?   Do leave a comment on any of our blogs if you would.

I'd be so pleased if you visited Cathy's and Lesley's blogs to see some more examples of the tags that we swapped. It's been so much fun taking part and I feel so lucky to have received some wonderful pieces of original art to enjoy and treasure.  

And, more than that, to have had the opportunity to get to know these two lovely ladies better and to have made some new friends.   What could be more rewarding?

(Lesley's folded book tag taking strolls around Sidmouth, with vintage ladies)

(Cathy's giggly memories of a trip to Bridlington to have her ears pierced)


Menopausal musing said...

Chrissie, this was SUCH a pleasurable experience...... now where DID I put those matches.. :O))))))))

Printed Material said...


Well we've gone and done it. You and Cathy have made this so much fun. I hope we get comments and do it again in another form. I fluffed my post. Now I know why I've never done that draft thing before - because I'm challenged by the technology it seems! I hope people find my witterings and that I've done justice to both of your lovely tags. Lesley xx

Gina said...

What a fun project!

Jill said...

I have done the tag round, what a wonderful set of art work! It seems you have all had a great time at the sea-side.

Jane said...

Had to pop in and see your side of the tagging triangle. This all looks a lot of fun. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

marigold jam said...

This tagging round looks fun - love them all. I have just popped over to say thanks for your comment on mine - had forgotten about the hampers of pigeons but thanks for reminding me - and notice that my comment on the tag round isn't posted - I left one yesterday so wonder where that went. You'll probably get 2 now!


Anonymous said...

I am soooo envious - of your creativity and your wonderful shared experience. All the tags are fabulous (yes, I've looked at the other two blogs aswell). What a joy to participate and what amazing and diverse results. I'm sure all concerned will treasure the tags forever. Reading the blogs also brought back some happy personal seaside memories ......... thanks.

Things Hand Made said...

ooohh (jumping up and down waving her hand) can I join in pleeease?