Monday, 21 June 2010

Red Roses for a Blue Lady

This is for Jean, who had the very great misfortune to be sitting in her seat on the train when a complete idiot dropped a golf bag full of clubs on her head from the rack above her - and showed absolutely no concern for her welfare.   If I could get my hands on him I'd tie his mashie niblick in a knot around his neck.  Hope the bumps are better Jean?

Jean (and others) has been wondering why I haven't been blogging lately.   I'm sorry for the unannounced break in transmission - all due to circumstances beyond my control, but I hope things will be back on track now.  

These photos of lovely June roses are carefully edited to eliminate all the weeds which are growing profusely wherever I look in the garden.   The weather has been perfect for them, both weeds and roses - lots of sunny spells and plenty of rain.   

I think our garden is going on for about an acre and I have long since stopped trying to make it all neat and tidy, but there are bits where I make some attempt to keep the cleavers, brambles and nettles to a minimum so that you don't get your nightie snagged when staggering up to the end to let the hens out at silly o'clock in the morning.  

The last four-hour wrestling match with the brambles and dog-roses under and around a prickly berberis resulted in so many lacerations on my arms that friend Charlie thought I'd been "self-harming".

So, many apologies again to my precious 'regulars' and to those lovely bloggers who I haven't been able to visit and leave comments for - I'm really looking forward to catching up with everyone.

Hope everyone's fine and dandy!