Wednesday, 28 November 2012

And just where do you think you've been, young lady?!

Do you think if I sneak in at the back and just join in nobody will notice I've been absent without leave for months and months ...... ?  There are loads of reasons why I haven't blogged for so long, but none of them would sound very convincing on their own, though they seemed real enough at the time.   But a couple of weeks ago I fell head-first into the bottom of a brambly ditch and it seems to have knocked some sense into me at last.   So (though don't hold me to it!) I expect to be back blethering fairly regularly.   And if I can remember how to dowload photos from my newish camera then we might even get some pictures.   Huzzah!  
Just for now I've managed to find and download this lovely wee fellow who was wafting in the breeze, quite unperturbed by the crowds, atop the flora planted around the Olympic Stadium this summer.
So, many apologies are due to the lovely friends whose blogs I have been neglecting of late and I hope to put matters right before too long - I've missed you!
Chrissie x