Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Arrival of the Great Aunts

Not long now till Great Aunt Madge and Great Aunt Fannie arrive. Fannie will be all in black, no doubt, but Madge (a redhead) prefers finer feathers. This is their first visit to us, so we're making a special effort to make sure they feel welcome and that we have laid on everything they are likely to need. We know what the ladies like to eat and fortunately they're not faddy eaters and have small appetites. Dad says they will be happy pottering around the garden, so probably won't need much entertaining either. Apparently they don't like being out after dark, preferring to get to bed early. I think we'll all get along famously - specially if they lay as many eggs as we've been promised!


Anonymous said...

O that's so sweet... how about a couple of felt 'eggs' in their nests to help them feel at home? x

Anonymous said...

I'm so looking forward to making the ladies' acquaintance - I'll try not to tire them out.

Anonymous said...

How are your dear Great Aunts getting along Chrissie? Will you be putting on a hen party for them? Hope all's fine and dandy. X