Saturday, 31 October 2009

ooh la la!

Having an Australian in the house for two weeks has sent me slightly barmy and has resulted in me drawing moustaches on pumpkins.  

There has been a bit of a French theme lately in our household.   My nephew plays rugby for London French.   I had romantically thought that it might be something to do with acknowledging his Scottish ancestry and fostering the Auld Alliance, but having seen his team in action last weekend, I now know it's to do with wearing a beret, singing Alouette and drinking Beaujolais Nouveau.   Actually the rugby match was a bit one-sided and his team won by a huge margin - the most exciting bit was when two of the opposition ran into each other and ended up horizontal for a worryingly long time.   Everyone gathered round the prostrate players, the ref sized the situation up and medical help was summoned with the urgent cry, "Vaseline, quick, Vaseline!".   Those of us on the touchline were left to surmise, through our tears of laughter, what exactly the injuries were.    Chapped lips, perhaps?

But I digress.   The other French thing going on was that the Australian had a day trip to Paris and despite getting trapped in the Egyptology department of the Louvre when trying to find the Mona Lisa, declares herself to be madly in love with the city.     Great.   I'd have been a bit miffed if she'd hated it, being as how we all had to get up at 3.00 a.m. to get her to the station on time to catch the Eurostar!

On Monday morning we're making a pilgrimage up to Scotland to visit the ancestral homelands, via some Beatrix Potter country.   The weather forecast is for wet, cold and windy.   Of course it is.  

So, sorry for the prolonged blogging absence - I blame the Australian.

Happy Halloween and have a lovely weekend, whatever you do!


Uta said...

Hey not fair to blame the Australian :)

Chrissie said...

Uta - ooops! :-))

Uta said...


florcita said...

Hahahah what a funny post! I remember going to watch rugby matches when I was young and see those types of silly accidents. But then again I played hockey and we had similar "encounters" with team players.

Loooove Paris. Want to...need to go back!

Pomona said...

Have fun in Scotland!

Pomona x

Menopausal musing said...

What a brilliant photo......... absolutely brilliant.......:O)))))))))))))