Wednesday, 29 September 2010

flamingo's elbows

My blogs these days seem to be full of holidays and days out and, indeed, life has had more than its fair share of such things in the last couple of months or so.   This is mainly due to the fact that my dear husband is on a lengthy sabbatical from work.   Much deserved, it has to be said.  So, last week, with the sun beaming down from blue skies, I wheedled my way into a trip to Coton Manor nearby in Northamptonshire.   I think I'd seen some appealing photos of it maybe in Country Living.   We arrived in time for a lovely lunch in the dappled shade of a huge tree in the courtyard and afterwards set off with our map to wander round the gardens.   The first thing that struck me was the amount of vibrant colour still showing in the herbacious borders.   They were stunning and awe-inspiring.

There was some very relaxed wildlife strolling in the grounds with us.   I couldn't get over the way these flamingoes kneel down - aren't their elbows funny!  

These preening funny-footed bantams are called Mille Fleures d'Uccles - they've got huge great ungainly feathers sticking out at right-angles from their feet, but have beautiful detailed plumage.
Our tea-table.   Unfortunately some children had rearranged all the cans so the waitresses were having great problems delivering the meals to the right tables!  

Spanish spoon from a few blogposts ago - couldn't show it sooner because it was a hen-sitter's pressie and she's a faithful reader of this blog!

So that was last week - this week I have been mostly making birds/calendars/hearts for two craft stalls I accidentally agreed to do in November.   On the same day.   I thought I was just manning a stall at one of them, but, no, it turns out I'm also providing the wares to sell.    I have a vague memory of promising never to do any of these again!   Am I completely mad?  

ribbons & ricrac
Calendar tags

waiting for hearts

Lots of love,


Anonymous said...

Faithful blog-reader here! Coton Manor looks beautiful - I'll have to put it on my list of places to visit - but I do think that 4th flamingo looks a bit strange! Is that a lesser-spotted hubby I see lurking amongst the herbaceous borders? And what cute cheeky chickens and super sexy succulents. Ok, I'll stop. Adore your bits and bobs and all your makings as always - the calender tags are inspired and gee-orgeous!

Printed Material said...

I agree with the above. I want some red ric rac now. Don't know why, just know I have to find some!So intrigued by those tag calendars. Are they made of fabric or painted designs? Whatever their origin I know you'll sell out at your stalls. Your stuff is so original and lovely, who could fail to snap it up?

Menopausal musing said...

Tell that Lesley: "I wants, never gets...."...... ha! ha! ha!

Great post....... That top photo is SO very chocolate box and yummily ENGLAND! I WANT some of those bantams......

Loving the calendar tags.... really lovely looking things. :O)

Anonymous said...

Such a pleasure to read and see your photos, you're a dab hand with that ol' Box Brownie. Hope you have many more Away Days. And your Craft Fair goodies look wonderful. Good luck, hope it goes really well :)

Ange said...

Hope this craft fair goes better than the last and that the general public has started understanding the inherent value and quality in handmade. Great to see you're having holidays!!


Hello dear Chrissie, it's been a while ... but better late than never. So glad you are able to enjoy some lovely days together. Make the most of the good weather to come over the next few days there is talk of an Indian Summer. Your makes are beautiful, hope your craft fair goes well xoxo

Jill said...

That's not your house in the first pic then? What an inspiring collection of photographs - I'm sure your stuff will fly away.