Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Some new felt brooches for my Etsy shop

At last!   I've managed to get a few bits listed in my Etsy shop, camera problems notwithstanding (I love the opportunity to slip that word in!)   Stupid thing won't talk to the computer any more for some reason, so have had to borrow Richard's fancy camera, which I'm not so familiar with.   And, of course, the English winter light is far from favourable for fotography.

This is a very big one we've seen before, but those below are new ones

smaller and sweeter and much lighter, so that you don't list to starboard when you're wearing it on your shoulder

one with proper petals, about  4.5" across

another quite big one, but not so big to poke your eye out

a sophisticated charcoal merino, silvery-white silk and flax 'bar' shaped one

and a more colourful version, again with silk and flax fibres felted into the soft merino - this one's about 5" wide and some kind lady has already put it in her Etsy Treasury.   How kind of her.

Gina's got some lovely new corsages in her Etsy shop too - go here to have a peek.

I've 'volunteered' to do a felting demonstration next week for our village Women's Institute.   Now watching someone felting (or at least fulling) is like watching paint dry, so I'm going to have to work on a 45 minute stand-up comedy routine to keep the ladies entertained.   I'm also worried (because I'm such a messy worker) that the front two rows are going to get soaking wet.   I might have to drape them in decorators' dust sheets so they don't go home damp and sudsy.   It'll be a bit like a trip on the Maid of the Mist under Niagara Falls.

Now I've got to find some inspiration for a photo for Emma's February Splash of Colour...

Hope you're all having a good week!



marigold jam said...

That last pic would do nicely for the colour post! Lovely idea you have there - bit different from the usual if you know what I mean.


ELK said...

these are very pretty .. I hope they sell well.. I know you love to create them!!

Anonymous said...

Love your brooches Chrissie - they're so colourful and fun. In fact, they look good enough to eat. Looking forward to the demo next week - I'll sit in the back row for safety!!

Su said...

They're lovely - you are SO clever.

JP said...

great flowers - the colours are just so cheerful - hope the demo goes well

Jill said...

These are great - very creative,

Hannah said...

I love the last to, so wonderful!
You'll do great at the felting demostration, no worries =)

Menopausal musing said...

I love these, especially the one with the pale blue centre!
Here's one for your "stand up" routine:

Question: "What's brown and sticky?"

Answer: "A stick"!

Gina said...

Thanks for the mention! These are lovely so hope you get some sales. I think you've already got the beginnings of your comedy routine there and I'm sure the ladies of the WI will be fascinated by the process what ever you say.

Jenny said...

I like the idea of watching your stand up routine whilst getting soaked, particularly if the outcome is a lovely felted brooch.