Sunday, 10 July 2011


I find that CAKE usually gets the attention of bloggers!  This was my offering for the table at our fund-raising teaparty in a pretty garden in the village.   We had so many kind people offering to bake cakes that I was able to be very generous with the size of the slices we served to go with the dainty cucumber sandwiches.   Can you see my bunting on the trellis?  
More cake - this time for my birthday lunch and made for me by a kind friend.  
Some tomato tarts, heart-shaped in honour of my neice and her fiance who joined us for lunch to share news of their wedding plans for the New Year.
And some scrummy punnets of fresh fruit to end the meal, just to counteract all those cakey calories!

Today is the exciting day that the Postman's Knock cards are all received.   This stunning version of my New York! New York! theme is from Joanna, who made a lovely envelope out of an old map of North America and inside was the very bling version of Liberty against a backdrop of the Manhattan street grids.   Liberty is portrayed as a version of the goddess Kali, who is perhaps enticing emigrants into Ellis Island with promises of prosperity.   I thought it was a most thoughtful interpretation and a very precious addition to my collection.
I forgot to take a photo of the Taking Flight one I sent to Lesley this time, but it's on the Postman's Knock blog if you care to see it.

Another big treat today was a visit to Gina's Open Studio.   And it was 'two for the price of one' on meeting-the-bloggers front, as Gill from VintageRockChick was there too.    I had met Gina before when she came to talk to our Embroiderers Guild, but it was great to get to talk to Gill for the first time, having laughed at her blog for so long!  

We knew we were in the right place when we caught sight of the red phone box that Gina had decorated with her mobile-phoning figures.   They were incredible close-up!  

I think my favourite thing when visiting someone's studio is to explore their sketchbooks - I love to see how ideas develop and are recorded, which is something I'm just hopeless at.   Gina's were real works of art.   I did have a bone to pick with her, though, because her tidy studio was held up to me by my husband as the epitome of how a workroom should be kept.   He rode rough-shod over my stuttering excuses.    Nothing for it then, I'll need to have a clear-out.......

If you can get to Gina's studio, it is open again next weekend and the details are on her blog.   There's lots of exquisite work on display and great fun to be had with her sock monkeys and 'More Tea Vicar' teacosies!

Hope you're having a lovely weekend!



Joanna said...

Yes Chrissie, you grabbed my attention with the CAKE! All the food looks delicious - I really like those little punnets of fruit, they look gorgeous.

Love New York New York from other Joanna, a brilliant interpretation of your theme.

Lucky you going to Gina's studio, sounds like you had a super time (surely Gina had tidied up her studio for the open weekend?!).

Printed Material said...

Gina's open studios event sounds a real treat. I also love looking into people's sketchbooks but I see you've picked up one of Gina's other habits - the cake! She has a perpetual display of them and I see you're following suit! It was a great PK weekend but when was your birthday? How come I let that one pass me by? Got that buss pass yet.... Happy Birthday lovely girl and thanks again for my postcard. L x

Menopausalmusing said...

I've put on weight just reading this post ;O)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! The bunting is set off to a treat on that lattice work. I would have loved to have been with you and looked through Gina's sketchbooks.....

Pomona said...

The cake certainly drew me in, and all that lovely food helped me read on! Delicious - even if only in my head.

Pomona x

Gina said...

That cake looks sublime! Thank you for your lovely comments on my work and studio although I shall email you a photo of what it usually looks like just to show your husband! It was super meeting you again.

vintagerockchick said...

Really lovely to meet you yesterday - and thanks for the mention (now I feel bad about ridiculing your musical tastes!)
And your bunting from the previous post looks fab - just my thing x

Jennyff said...

Fun times made all the better by all those delicous cakes.

Anonymous said...

Ooh - it's enough to make a person drool - all those lovely cakes. I love the New York card - both old and new all at once!

Angela said...

I read this at thw rong time of day, I'm REALLY hungry now but no cakes for me until the savouries have been wolfed down first!


A rather lovely post with all that cake to gaze at. I like the look of yours the best. How lovely that you have had the chance to meet Gina and Gill. I hope to have that pleasure one day. The bunting looks nice hanging at the back there too. Very very lovely!