Monday, 19 January 2009

Am I brave enough?!

Monday 19 January 2009

These are some pieces of wet-felted wool which I have made in the hope that I'll be brave enough and skilled enough to sew together to turn into a free-form vessel.

There's a bit of a geological theme going on - one piece is a rough and hairy plain mid-grey, which I will be trying to fold and stitch and perhaps embellish in some way. Another swatch has strips of black netting trapped in it, echoing the bit with silk chiffon scraps. I thought they looked a bit like fossil strata in a rockface. That was the idea anyway! The last, and black, piece has some thin wispy stripes of off-white roving felted in, like the beach pebbles I make.

I've also set aside some silk carrier rods, which I think I'll stretch out and stitch to the vessel in its final stages.
I'll be back when I've got some progress to show .... well, I've got to do it now I've told you about it!


Rose said...

Oh that first picture looked like a rocky beach with the sea coming in. Had to look a second time to realize what it was! Cool!

NuvoFelt said...

Yes, Chrissie. You are brave enough - and it will be wonderful. I look forward to the result..

cabin + cub said...

Go for it! I can't wait to see what you make! :)