Monday, 6 April 2009

Lay a Little Egg for Me

I'm chicken-sitting this week for the neighbours, who are off on a skiing holiday. Fortunately, I have been left in charge of just two very friendly hens, who come running when you rustle a packet of Tesco raisins! They are called Pepper and Mincey (the hens, not the raisins) and are a cross between Marans and Rhode Island Reds. They are very lucky hens, because they live in a beautifully-designed ergonomic Eglu. None of your old-wooden-pallet-knocked-together for Pepper and Mincey! They are, therefore, very contented hens and make the most seductive little happy-noises as they follow at your heels around the garden.
I think I'm in love ......

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Anonymous said...

Me too ............. I miss my hens.