Thursday, 2 April 2009

Small Tortoiseshell

Good morning, good morning, good morning! I mysteriously lost my internet connection for most of yesterday. Tried everything, not a squeak. Dear Husband came home, flicked a switch on the modem, abracadabra, all fixed. Don't you just hate that?!

But it was a good thing really not to have access to the internet (although that wasn't what I was saying at the time), it was a lovely day and I should have been outside anyway. The garden neeeded some attention - it got three hours' worth - and like the butterfly grazing on the nectar, I luxuriated in the spring sunshine with the blossom from the cherry tree floating down in the breeze like pink snow.


Anonymous said...

What beautiful photos, Spring is such a magical time isn't it? I've been gardening too, tidying up and repotting plants. Makes me glad to be alive. Good old planet of ours eh?

thewildhare said...

So glad you had a day off the internet and in the garden! Happy Spring!