Friday, 7 August 2009

down the garden

Great to be able to walk down the garden this morning without sou'wester and galoshes.

The (torrential) rain yesterday has left everything a bit drippy and puddles have gathered in anything up-turned.

Leaves are shiny.

Not all the strawberries made it back down the garden path .....

Sweetcorn - one day.

Fannie hunting for worms.

Purple-podded beans.



Hi, your garden is delightful. How lovely to have your own eggs, veg and fruit


Anonymous said...

Can vouch for the loveliness of the garden - I thoroughly enjoyed looking after the hens and stealing a few strawberries myself!

Magic Cochin said...

What a lovely harvest from your gardens and good to see one of your hens enjoying hunting in the grass - she looks beautiful :-)

I'm battling with ideas for a new print - while listening to Tuffers and Aggers trying their very best to make the most of things!


Chrissie said...

Carolyn - it is so lovely to have the reward for so little effort (this year!)

Anne - I put a net over them to keep the blackbirds off but I didn't bank on you!

Celia - Good luck with the new print, I'll look forward to seeing it. And you are a big brave girl to endure the pain of TMS today!

Gunnels blog said...

So lovely pictures from your garden !!!