Saturday, 29 August 2009

Zipped pouch

I entertained myself yesterday (after morning coffee by the lake with two lovely friends - well, not that lovely, they wouldn't have cake, so I couldn't either) making a zipped pouch. My earlier attempts had been a bit rushed and I wasn't entirely pleased with them, although I use them as catch-alls in my handbags. This time I got the zipper foot on properly, had the laptop with instructions at my elbow and (I'll have to watch this tendency, it's becoming a habit) followed them to the letter. Strangely, this resulted in a fair amount of success!
I rifled through all my bits-and-bobs till I found what seemed to be pleasing together, very much like a small quilt I made recently, but less fiddle-faddle on it so that it's a bit more practical. Added a few compulsory french knots and a button or two, chopped up a thrifted zip to get it about the right length and decided on a ticking lining.

Et voila! Well, maybe not quite so voila as all that, it took a while, a bit of "grrr" and a modest amount of unpicking, but it's my best effort so far. 'Ain't no stoppin' me nooow!'
Have a lovely weekend, whatever you're doing!


AeFondKis said...

Chrissie this is lovely! I like the outside, and the stripey inner is smart! Very pretty!
Linda x

Gina said...

Looks good to me! Wishing you a good weekend too.

Pomona said...

That is really lovely - you are clever!

Pomona x

ewa-christine said...

So very nice..........100%

Uta said...

Groan, zips ... a personal nightmare. But you have given me the courage to give them one more try ... in the future. Love the pouch!!!