Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Bye-bye bunnies!

Bluebell and Flora are a bit dizzy today.   First they were whizzed off to my Etsy shop and before they knew it they were in a big aeroplane on their way to a lovely new home in Massacheusetts.   No time to pack their bags or say goodbye to Brunhilde and Grayson, who are still dozing in their hamper.   Perhaps I've got time to make them some new friends before their sleepyheads are properly awake.

Can't stop using that little birdie stamp!!

Hope your week's going well?



Another gorgeous tag. I love the twig, nest and stamp ... sigh ... so perfect!

Anonymous said...

Chrissie - that tag is fantastic. How on earth did you make the nest so tiny?! Bon voyage to Bluebell and Flora. I'm sure they'll be very happy in their new home.

Printed Material said...

You have an unerring eye for the delightful. The way you put these things together like the tag and bird nest is so lovely. You're right about that stamp - it's very enviable. Lesley.

Ange said...

Welldone you Chrissie - they are gorgeous. And very snapupable!

red or gray a rt said...

that is a long way from home!

Menopausal musing said...

I also love the teeny tininess of that little nest and eggs.......... exquisite work.

Your bunnies will be loved wherever they travel.