Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Embroidered London Landmarks

Lured into the thrift shop again ....

.... and found these rather eye-catching embroideries of two famous London landmarks.
They were framed, about 13" x 11" and cost £1 each.   That's about $1.50.   So you can see I would be in two minds about investing!   Doesn't it seem a shame that they were discarded by someone?

The embroideries were covered in what I think are known as 'thunder flies'.  Those teeny black specks of wildlife, who, every summer, round up a couple of hundred chums, set up camp under the glass of your pictures and then die there.   So I took the frames apart and gave the fabric a gentle dusting off and had a good close look at the embroidery.

The stitching really does convey the impression that the edifices were sketched in pastels or charcoal.   Though the linen is really a light grey colour, my photos taken on a dull dull day don't do the work justice.
Now I'm thinking:  do I clean up the glazing and frames and pop them back in to protect them, or shall I perhaps make a couple of cushions, with the embroideries as an appliqued panel, and maybe risk getting the stitches snagged?   We haven't got any clawed and furry friends in the house, so they wouldn't be exposed to any rough-and-tumble.  

So, blogfriends, what's your advice?   Any shy lurkers like to offer an opinion?  Ooooh, go on! 


Anonymous said...

You know me Chrissie - it's cushions every time! Aren't the embroideries wonderful?

Printed Material said...

These are stunning. There is such a lot of work gone into them . They look like original ideas because they're not transfer printed are they? I agree with you about some of the textiles we find in thrift shops. I love coming across these things but I do have a pang of conscience sometimes and just wonder why they were ever thown away in the first place. As to re-framing or cushions... knowing you, I suspect you'd co-ordinate them with something else and make them into cushions masquerading as works of art so I'm going to sit on the fence on this one as I can equally see them re-framed in a modern contemporary boxed frame with a large mount. Hope you get lots of suggestions from others too. Lesley x

Alison said...

Those are just lovely, what a great find! I'd be asking I LIKE them as wall art for my home? (if yes then re-frame and hang them on the wall) Would they look just stunning as couch-cushions? Then give them a second life in that way. (of course they will wear out faster as cushions than as pictures, even without furry friends to claw them)

(Here at Acorn Cottage I'd probably re-frame them. I am slowly collecting black and white and neutral artwork, with the thought of eventually doing a "gallery wall" in the living room, so if I had found something like this, it would have a natural place to reside, and friends to hang out with)

Gina said...

I think my vote would be for turning them into something else like a cushion.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely find. Unless I had a particular place in mind where I thought they would fit in with existing pictures, I would probably not hang them.They would make great cushions I think.

karen said...

these are fabulous, definitely don't frame them. Personally I would keep them in my 'looking at'' glass cabinet, but then I'm wierd!

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Happy Easter Chrissie, WOW, your vintage embroidery finds are truly lovely. If you do not have room on your walls, I would create something from them or maybe just use them as linen to display your treasures on. Hugs Judy

Marion said...

Just found your blog and think you've made a real find with these pieces.
I think they would look stunning reframed and hanging together, and given the beauty of the work would deserve a really good frame.
I think it's the architectural quality that makes me think that.
Enjoy them, whatever you decide to do.

Gigibird said...

Do you have wall space? Do they fit in to your scheme?
Cushion panels are a good option but maybe just pop them away for a while and a procrastinator this would be my preferred option;-)

vintagerockchick said...

Yeah, I like the cushion idea too. Wouldn't it be lovely if the person who stitched them, knew that all of us were discussing how lovely they are. (or then again, maybe they do) x

ELK said...

amazing find...great price too! it would be a shame to put them behind glass, you cannot see the lovely stitiching

Menopausal musing said...

Cushions! :O))))))

Charlie said...

Hello bloggers.
Chrissie's friend Charlie here (you will find me in Chrissie's blog: Blue and White China - discussing my jugs!- incidentally the picture sits prettily on the wide oak windowsill in my newly decorated blue and white bedroom)
Not a blogger or big 'crafter' myself but do occasionaly dip into ''
Anyway, to cut to the chase, the strangest thing is that I created the black and white etchings many, many years ago and they have gathered dust in a trunk, certainly for at least the last 20 years. So, anticipating a house move (which sadly fell though) they were despatched to the thrift shop, where I am happy to say they found a good home. Next time perhaps I should cut out the middle man :) Looking forward to seeing what you create from them Chris!