Friday, 21 May 2010

busy busy busy

made these
and this

and these

experimented with these

and this

laughed at these two

received this as part of my Clasheen Spring Swap

also had a haircut, went to the doctor, did the shopping, planted out loads of veg plants in the 'potager', spent two hours with a double-glazing salesman, bought some smashing books at the thrift shop, did some more work on my hand-made book about birds.  So v. busy,  but not nearly so busy as this little chap who is in and out of that hole in the garage roof nine squillion times a day with juicy caterpillars...
and today Anne and I are having a Grand Day Out at Audley End and the Fry Gallery in Saffron Walden to see the Women of Bardfield Exhibition.

So hope to have some nice photos to show you at the weekend.

back soon ......



Jill said...

What a wonderful productive time - it is always an 'up' when you get so much done.

heidi said...

Hi chrissi,
Is that a brooch with the lovely little verse about the is so delightful?
I know saffron walden...i go to abracadabra bear shop there,they have a fab market there on a tuesday & saturday! Have a great day. x

Printed Material said...

I am exhausted just reading this list. I am nowhere near as productive as you Chrissie. I think I need to pull my finger out and do something! Hope the day out to Audley End was lovely. Lesley x

AeFondKis said...

What a wonderful life and so crammed with interest! Your beads are very arty! Straight away I thought Chinese Pincushion and then I couldn't see the pigtails! Beautiful colours!

ELK said...

such glorious pieces you have been working on .. textures and colors abound here

Things Hand Made said...

Wow you have been busy, love the piece of poetry with the jewellry hanging off te bottom.