Friday, 2 July 2010

"Blogger assaults Postman"

The day didn't get off to a flying start.  The postman rang the front door bell and as I answered it, in my shorts and sun-top and with a welcoming smile, I was met with:  "A bit too fat".   As I bit my trembling lower lip, he proffered a chunky package which wouldn't go through the letter box.   Narrow escape for you, postie, choose your words a bit more carefully next time.

So a girl's got to cheer herself up with a bit of thrifting, hasn't she?   What about this lovely dish,

perfect for English strawberries and a snip at a mere 50p.

So, with three weeks to go,  I'm impatiently counting down the days until our annual holiday in south west France.   I write lists.  Lists of what to pack. They serve no practical purpose at all as I don't make any effort to keep them somewhere safe, and don't represent what ends up in the suitcase,  but I enjoy the process of writing down:

                              2 prs. shorts
                              sleeveless teeshirts, black, white, grn.
                              beach towels
                              cotton skirt for wearing to market
                              factor 30
                              bag of books

I can transport myself to the sun-filled days ahead and imagine myself reading by the pool, or wearing a sleeveless teeshirt (black, white or grn.) and a pr. shorts sitting outside on a balmy evening with a glass of champagne so chilled I fear for my tooth enamel.

In case you think I'll be abandoning myself totally to a sybaritic lifestyle for two weeks, I would like to stress that I also take the opportunity to conjour up scrummy Mediterranean influenced meals.  

I get a lot of stick from friends who can't believe that we hardly ever eat-out in France, but I just love the wonderful fresh produce from the markets and it's lovely to have that inspiration and time to spend in the cuisine.  

Many years ago Jacqui my sister started me off with a big journal to put some favourite holiday recipes in.   So another thing I do round about now is snuggle down with my favourite 'sunshine recipe' books, and find two or three things to add to the journal.   Then I make another list, which I do keep, of all the ingredients I will need to conjour up these culinary delights: 

cous-cous, garlic, Marmandais tomatoes, corn-fed chicken, cinnamon, fresh basil, flat-leaf parsley, chick peas, lemons, Greek yoghurt, shallots, Charantais melon, salt cod, peaches, etc etc.

Ooooooh, how many more sleeps until 23rd July?!

Hope everyone's looking forward to the weekend - how about leaving me a comment and telling me what you've got planned?   I'd love to know!

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silverpebble said...

Making making making, and getting our shed ready for my Open Studios. Oh, and playing in the sandpit and paddling pool. Hurray!

Chrissie said...

Ooooh, paddling-pool envy! Good luck with the Open Studios.

Printed Material said...

Yes, but what was in the parcel? I'm intrigued to know (although it is absolutely none of my business) what was 'too fat' for the letterbox! I ask only because it's been a package starved week here and you know how much I love to see my postie! You write about food Chrissie with such passion. I've never been that interested in it but your delight in it makes me wish I was. Writing in your recipe journal sounds like something you relish (a quick food reference to show I'm not a lost cause...)Enjoy your weekend! Lesley xx

Chrissie said...

Well, Lesley, it was a box of .............. bagpipe reeds!!!
As for food - if it's just for me I can eat cold baked beans straight from the tin, but I do enjoy having the time to feed others.

Menopausal musing said...

Not many people can boast of having bagpipe reeds stuffed through their letterbox!!!!
You do realise that that blue dish would look soooooo much nicer in my house? Ha! ha!
Jealous? Moi?


Yum Yum!

As you don't seem to be taking very much stuff in your suitcase I wondered if you had room for me. The sound of those mediterranean flavours ...

This weekend I'm continuing with Kiwi Carole's workshop. We are making and embellishing handmade journals and I'm using mine for my bits from the erosion bundle project

Have a lovely time making lists this weekend :o)

ELK said...

you had me smiling with such special stories .. I applaud that you embrace the making of the food of the region!! weekend of garden and relaxing ...not all at once!!

Jill said...

What a petty plate, even without strawberries. I thought you were going to say it was in your parcel.

Ange said...

Hmm - you won't be too far from me then! Enjoy your cooking Chrissie - you're right, it really is a treat to cook here. And didn't I giggle about your postie ;-)

Chrissie said...

Cathy - yes, big dilemma, did I really need yet ANOTHER blue-and-white plate....?

Carolyn - plenty of room - hop in!! I really must get properly started on my Erosion Bundle project.

Elk - have a great one, you sound busy busy!

Jill - the strawberries weren't in there long ...

Ange - We'll be a bit west of Cahors, can't wait!!!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, what a lovely blog ... and not a bit fat, I might add!! Since you ask, this weekend my husband and I will mainly be building the greenhouse. Yes ........ still! But hopefully finished on Saturday. It has been a mammoth task beset by unforeseen problems but we have risen to the challenge. Next project ... a replica of Crystal Palace on the front of the house I think. On Sunday afternoon we're being forced to endure dainty sandwiches, scones and tea in a lovely garden, accompanied by the contented clucking of three lunatic hens. See you tomorrow Chrissie!
Anne XX

Things Hand Made said...

Hmm very dodgy postman!
Ohh we are off to france aswell in 2 weeks and 3 days.... not that I am counting but have already started packing! I agree... french amrkets and some supermarkets can cut out the need to eat out! Mind you with 3 kids who cant manage the atying up late to eat we only eat ont at lunchtime anyway!

AeFondKis said...

Chrissie lovely dish of strawbs! Your French holiday sounds delicious bet you can't wait to be let loose on the market with your empty basket! I am off this Thurs 8th to Lesbos!!!
Mr. AeFondKis and me are smitten by the Greek Islands..
Happy hols in France!
Linda x

Diane said...

I will be ravelling south about the same time as you. I do miss the south of France. I like it up here in the North but South is where I first set my feet in this beautiful country and I think it will always hold a special place in my heart. Hope you have a wonderful holiday and much fresh juicy produce coming your way!