Monday, 4 April 2011


You may have read in a previous post that 12 friendly bloggers have pooled their various talents to take part in a fortnightly postcard swap, each having chosen a different theme for us all to illustrate as we wish.   My theme is NEW YORK NEW YORK!, which it was Cathy's turn to illustrate. 

We all posted our cards on Friday 1st April and most of the excited participants received them on Saturday.   But, as I live in the Outer Hebrides north Bedfordshire, I always have to wait a day longer than everyone else and not only that, but rarely get a delivery before 11.00 a.m.   So Cathy was drumming her fingers and drinking cups of coffee this morning, anxiously waiting to hear whether I'd received her creation.

Well, it was certainly worth the wait!   I absolutely love her interpretation of the theme and the yellow cab is sooo realistic, I could just jump in and whizz off into the bright lights of Manhattan right now!    And that cheeky and clever old Cathy has included a hilarious extra - try this -

If you click on the Postman's Knock link on the right, you can see all the fab cards that have been changing hands for our first swap.   They're all wonderful and I'm so glad I'm taking part, it's such fun!



Jill said...

This is fantastic - what next?

Gina said...

I love this card! Such fun!

Menopausal musing said...

That's a bit of my spit in the New York sky just under the "www"! (I was a bit overzealous when licking the envelope). Bet that's put you off it now......... ;O)))))))))))))

Printed Material said...

Only Cathy could choose felt for a feltmaker and make it her own medium. Very cleverly done but I've already left a comment on her blog accusing her of starting that song repeating in my head all afternoon. All the cards are of such a high standard aren't they? Is it too late to plead too many commitments and beat a hasty retreat? Lesley x

marigold jam said...

You don't have to live in the Outer Hebrides or even north of Bedofrd for your mail to take longer to arrive mine only went from Somerset to Gloucestershire and took till today as you will see from the blog! Your card is great isn't it? It's especially interesting to see on Cathy's blog how she arrived at the finished article.


Anonymous said...

I love the big yellow taxi!!

Anonymous said...

The postcard swap is such a great idea. And the postcards are all so varied and interesting. I too love the big yellow taxi especially.It will be fun waiting to see what Postie brings to you next.

bad penny said...

Cathy's Taxi is such fun !

Chrissie my package just arrived with your incredible Angel for me. I love it - the colour scheme, the texture & the humour. Thank you so much - what delightful post today !
I'll post up on Postman's Knock & my Blog x