Friday, 29 April 2011

A Lady for today only

A friend on Facebook is encouraging us to make up a Royal Wedding name for the big occasion. 

Start with Lady (or Lord)
Pick the name of a grandparent for your first name
Use the name of your first pet for your surname
and 'of' should be a street where you lived

So, for today, I'm Lady Jessie Petrie Pooch of Trenchard
(curtseying deeply)

and he's Lord Alfred Tigger of Beverley
(bowing from the waist)

What's your Royal Wedding name?


Pomona said...

I would be Lady Kate George of Elvaston - I think I should have been invited!

Pomona x

narkeymarkey said...

hee hee hee! this had me choking on my coffee, i would be ... wait for it ... lady rose bubbles of hawthorn! (i named my hamster bubbles because she squeaked - bubble and squeak - well it made sense to an eight year old!)

Anonymous said...

Oh dear .... I would be Lady Winifred Nellie of Malachy - it just doesn't work, does it? Ah well, didn't really expect an invite anyway.

Jill said...

Lady Agnes Andy of The Grove known locally as 'andy Aggie at your service!

Magic Cochin said...

Lurvely to meet you m'lady!

I'm Lady Florence Prudence of Mornington

Menopausal musing said...

Lady Catherine Snowy of Kingsmill......... and make sure you courtsey tomorrow! ;O))))))))))

Su said...

I'm lady Lilian tiger of Egremont - pleased to meet you!

vintagerockchick said...

Ooh, with your version I'm Lady Gladys Bunty of St Leonard. Sounds even more impressive than my version!

Uta said...

Introducing..... Lady Anna Tommy of Boothby (The crowd gasp, then fall silent. Is it her??? Is it really her??? She just smiles, raises her hand for a gentle wave and all is right with the world.)

thewildhare said...

Now how much fun is THIS! I would be Lady Ruth Tuffy of West Point. The wedding was certainly pomp and circumstance. Did you have a party?

Sue Brown said...

Mine started out with promise but then went a bit common!

Lady Suzanna Eric of Commercial Street.

More your pearly queen than aristocracy.