Monday, 9 March 2009

Fossil Vessel

Well, eventually the pieces of this felted vessel have been fixed to the central cylinder and it will shortly be on its way to the exhibition. I'm not sure if it's finished, but I thought it was time to stop fiddling with it and let it go off - I might have some thoughts while it's away ....
The three separate pieces of felt were experiments with adding chiffon, net and stretched-out silk carrier rods during the felting process to achieve a feeling of geological strata with fossil layers. There's lots of hand stitching and couching, some machine stitching on the silk, and a layer of weeny shells, which aren't old enough yet to be fossils!

It'll feel a bit strange having it displayed for public scrutiny, but I shall just have to hold my nerve and be happy that I like it!


Chauncey said...

Oh chrissie, it looks great!! (the triple columns and the vessel)

thewildhare said...

So, I LOVE THIS! It is Very Cool, and Very Eclectic!