Friday, 6 March 2009

Spring(s) in the Garden

The spring sunshine and blue skies tempted me into the garden to take a few photographs. Now, we've got quite a big garden really, and it occured to me when I was editing the photos that it would save a great deal of backache if I could 'crop', 'resize' and 'enhance colour' at the click of button, when I see all the work that's going to have to be done out there!

I do enjoy gardening, but increasingly I find it's not the dainty deadheading, ladylike propagating and gathering-in of harvest in a Sussex trug that I spend my time doing, but staggering with heavy barrows and wrestling with thorny things that want to snag your cardie and pull your hair. Well, after a little judicious pruning, I've posted some photos of Spring(s) in the Garden.

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