Thursday, 25 June 2009

Fannie's First Egg

I had a serious woman-to-hen chat with Fannie yesterday, when she was pecking my bare toes. I explained that we were off on holiday on Friday and that she would have to get a move on if we were to see any eggs before we went. Please try very hard to oblige, I pleaded.

And this morning - wooopeeee! she laid an egg! Small, but perfectly formed. She did look a bit sheepish, if hens can look sheepish. At least it will be something of a reward for the lovely lady who will be keeping an eye on them while we're away.
Don't you think that's the most perfect egg you ever have seen? I do!


Uta said...

Well done Fannie. It IS the most beautiful egg I've ever seen.

florcita said...

"serious woman-to-hen chat" hahahahahaaaaaa the mental picture!
Congrats on the first egg! May it be the first of many! GOod for you FAnnie!

Roseanna said...

Oh, I want chickens so badly...I can just imagine how wonderful those eggs will be! Good job, Fannie.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...


Just to say hope you had nic hols, I have blogged about your lovely package and you will receive mine on Monday or Tuesday - which I hope you will enjoy!