Thursday, 4 June 2009

Invasion of Painted Ladies

Britain is apparently, as I write, being invaded by Painted Ladies from North Africa. No, that's not a polite euphemism, but the name of a beautiful butterfly. There are meant to be millions of them about, from Dorset to Dumfries, but I haven't seen one yet! So here are a few butterflies from UK Etsy sellers to console me until I spot the real thing -Blue ceramic butterfly brooch from Karen at HodgePodgeArts. I love Karen's ceramics - she has lots of lovely heart-shapes, in buttons, pendants and charms, which of course I covet! There are also some beautiful little porcelain bowls and dishes with relief patterns of vintage lace which are so delicate and delightful.

Being a felter myself, I know how much work Hazel has put into this charming bangle on sale in her Trinket Tree shop. I think the combination of colours (no doubt inspired by her Scottish surroundings) is perfect and as I do like my jewellery to move about a bit, the dangly filigree butterfly charm really fits the bill.

Mixko have a world-wide reputation for brilliantly simple and innovative design and their work is displayed in the V&A Museum in London and MoMA in New York. I adore their butterfly lampshades - you must visit their shop and have a look at them yourself. This pretty felt ring is stunning, and so affordable you could have them fluttering on every finger!


Art4Sol said...

What a magical time of year...all those winged fairies visiting.

Anonymous said...

I've seen painted ladies around Stevington, Chrissie - particularly at the weekends! But I do think your selection of lovelies are much prettier - especially like the bangle.

thewildhare said...

I see little yellow finches in the neigborhood, but not nearly as many lovely butterflies. What a beautiful sight!

Anonymous said...

Ah! Some friends in Brittany have had their gardens 'painted' with these butterflies on our last Bank Holiday Monday... so they're on the way north eh? Hope they reach us... sooo pretty!

Trinket Tree said...

Hi thanks for using my bangle/bracelet in your blog, I have seen a few in my garden over the last couple of weeks they are beautiful & a lot of the white one too. I just love them all!