Tuesday, 3 May 2011

From the Cotswolds to Manhattan

What a weekend!   We watched The Wedding, of course, and loved every minute. That Kate is going to be a real asset to the Royal Family.     My feelings about some of the guests are perfectly summed-up by Hannah Betts' hilariously scathing article in the Telegraph - http://fashion.telegraph.co.uk/Article/TMG8484892/121/Royal-wedding-the-best-of-styles-the-worst-of-styles.html.

But the highlight of the weekend for me was, of course, the chance to meet Lesley and Cathy, who were in Stroud for the International Textiles Fair and taking part in a workshop.   Richard and I drove through the beautiful sun-drenched Cotswold countryside to join them for a cuppa.  We stopped on the way at Painswick, the quintessential Cotswold village, golden stone, delectable architecture and fascinating history.   We had lunch in the courtyard of a tiny pub - Richard had a pint of Fairy Liquid this award-winning local beer -
apparently the hop leaves are left in to add colour.

Lesley suggested that we call in at the Gloucester Guild of Craftsmen Gallery while we were there and we found a room full of wonderful things.   Silver jewellery, ceramics, woven textiles, prints and the most exquisite felted items.  Purchases, needless to say, were made.
beautiful block-printed textile sketchbook by Sophia Blackwell

Meeting Cathy and Lesley for tea was a real tonic - although they had already been laughing together all day in their workshop, they certainly had some giggling left in them to share with us.  Lesley's inspired conspiracy to help me persuade Richard that I should use an electric sander for my felting was so subtly introduced that even I didn't twig what was going on for a minute!   And, if you are a dachshund owner, please contact me for a reference before asking Cathy to dog-sit....

Postman's Knock, round 3, brought me this magnificent 3-D pop-up card from Jane - full of my favourite Manhattan icons, even some bagels and a ticket for a Broadway show!  

I made a 'Windows' card for Jill to add to her collection.

My next card was due to be from Lesley, who decided to give it to me on Saturday when we met.   She had sensibly taped it securely into a box, so that I couldn't poke it and prod it to get any clues, and suggested, quite forcibly, that I shouldn't open it until the appointed date, a fortnight hence.   All I can say is, I've lasted this far ....

OK then, off to the physiotherapist for more pummelling for my poor old back!

Chrissie x


Jee said...

Glad the card got to you in one piece, Chrissie - thought at one point I wouldn't get out of the house until today! Luckily, plumbers found a lrge piece of board to make a bridge (though the postman had to jump from nextdoor on Sat morning!) Painswick's lovely isn't it? We nearly bought a house there. Glad you all had a great time. Jx

Menopausal musing said...

Brilliant pop-up card there... just brilliant. Lovely to have met you and Richard. Are you SURE you haven't rattled and poked and sniffed that package? ;O)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful weekend - and the weather was wonderful too. Must have been great to finally meet Lesley and Cathy. I don't fancy Richard's pint though. Take care Chrissie. I hope you get some relief for your back.

Pomona said...

Hope your back gets better soon - I love the cards!

Pomona x

jackie said...

I've been invited to Cirencester for the Stroud event but not till the end of the month. A nice surprise to be invited, can't wait. I have sent off pics of my book now, so I will just wait. I am pleased with it, but only three pics allowed and I am not sure I did it justice.

thewildhare said...

Goodness, I hope your back is better soon! My lower back can get very painful, and my doctor suggested that I needed to do more flexibility work (like yoga), as he says sometimes such pain is related to tight hamstrings. I am giving it a try.

Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend, I am looking forward to sharing such fun when I finally make my way over for a visit! :):)