Friday, 17 July 2009

"It's not easy being green"

"It's not easy being green" as a famous little frog once crooned. I don't make a fetish of it, but I do try to think of my impact on my environment, sometimes it's not top of my priorities - like most people, I suppose. It's always easiest to let it take a higher place when it doesn't cause major inconvenience and is fun to do. Etsy has lots of sellers who are ecologically-minded and it's always a treat to explore their shops and see some of the ingenious ways they re-use, upcycle and repurpose. Aren't they great terms?!

Greenbelts is an Etsy shop selling accessories with a conscience. This Etsian confesses to being 'a wee bit obsessed' with recycling - but just look what wonderful things this has led to! Please check out the shop - it's full of delights!

These recycled vintage envelopes from ScribbleShop in Australia really caught my eye. Carolyn is a fervent re-user and her philosophy is to use salvaged paper and cardboard as much as she can.

I love this seaglass necklace from newsprout, who loves to walk the Californian beaches searching for finds to recycle into her jewellery. She even ropes in members of her family to help out - but, hey, who wouldn't volunteer for a stroll on a Californian beach?!

Now how about these dinky little slippers from 4pippi. Aren't they cute? Catherine makes them from recycled sweaters and she is a dedicated member of team ecoetsy. Try using that tag on an Etsy search and see what you find.

There are loads of low-impact delights in Etsy shops. If you're in Britain and feel that you can't allow yourself to make a purchase that will need to be sent by air, try searching with 'eco uk' and wander through the over 350 items that fall into that category. I know you'll find something that will ease the guilt!


Carolyn said...

Hello Chrissie,

Am pleasantly surprised! =) Thank you for the mention on your blog. I love how your blog is so clean cut and organised and that's such a pretty banner. Must spruce up my own some day soon!

Love your shop too, especially the robin's nest and eggs. Sooooooo adorable!

Thanks again,

GUGAW said...

i love envelopes made out of old paper! i just randomly stumbled across your blog via smitonius and sonata...i brought a felt brooch of you a year ago and i love it! get so many compliments when i wear it x

Shannon Ritscher said...

Beautiful blog Chrissie. You've made some wonderful discoveries. :) Thanks so much for the feature!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chrissie ...... I'm back! (prematurely). Heavy persistent rain and a tent in Cornwall just don't mix. Actually, they don't really mix anywhere. But it was lovely to come home and catch up with your blog. Love your feature on eco etsy. I'll be looking at it some more when we come back from Northumberland. You just can't keep an Irish girl away from a 'soft' day!
See you soon,
Anne XX