Sunday, 26 July 2009

Tuesday Flickr Mosaic

1 The Pharaoh of Science - Robes of Earth 2 Untitled - Boccacino

3 Captured in light - inspire*inspire 4 Corset et Dentelles - Boccacino

Goodness, don't Tuesdays come around quickly! This is my choice of four lovely photos from Flickr - all pinkandgirly this week. Go to Artmind-etcetera's blog and see who has left links to their own mosaics today on Mitsy's blog. It's always fascinating to see what people choose as their favourites.


Anonymous said...

Love the images - all pinkandgirly maybe but definitely faded and a little frayed around the edges - ooh that sounds familiar!

ArtMind said...

Jip, Tuesdays always come around quick but I always look forward to them 'cause i get to see so many pretty Flickr Favorites! :)
Pink and girlie and very romantic I should say. :)

Gunnels blog said...

beautiful mosaic!