Saturday, 14 May 2011

The Curate's Egg

Well, what's been happening around here?   Curate's egg - "good in parts".  

I'm not sure which category this falls into, but when I was walking to the postbox a man in a beat-up old van shouted "hello gorgeous" at me.   When you're just about to turn 60 you can't be fussy, so I turned a blind eye to the fact that he had a face like a carved halloween pumpkin (only redder) and I smiled sweetly back at him.   Just enough to be polite, you understand, not enough to lure him into further communication.  

In other circumstances, this might have put a spring in my step. However, I've had a bad back and springing steps have been out of the question. I've therefore been under the physiotherapist, who referred to me as a "classic middle-aged gardener". Doesn't have quite the same ring as "hello gorgeous", but at least he wasn't gurning at me through the window of a rusty pick-up. Anyway, after he ground his bony knuckles into my spine for a bit and made me do some twisty contortions, I'm definitely on the mend. So that clearly falls into the good category.

Driving the car into a brick pillar (which, in my defence, was looking mightily like a hedge at the time) and denting (big-time) the front bumper definitely counts as not good. OK, reading that back, the fact that the wall was disguised as a hedge is no defence at all. The insurance company didn't seem to think so anyhow.

Firmly in the good section are four things to look forward to. A few days away paddling in the Mediterranean here;

a visit from my nephew and his American fiancee;

a workshop day learning shibori and dyeing the results in an indigo vat; and the next day teaching a friend and her daughter how to wet-felt.

Oh, five things - on Saturday opening Lesley's parcel which contains her NEW YORK NEW YORK postcard in this round of Postman's Knock.  Can't wait!

Hope you all have a good weekend when it arrives.


Sorry to everyone who left those really funny comments - Blogger has managed to delete them in the past two days ....


Magic Cochin said...

Hope your back's on the mend.

Your nephew and his girl friend make a handsome couple - or have you been cutting pictures out of the Boden catalogue?


Joanna said...

It would put a spring in my step to get "Hello Gorgeous" even from gurning Mr Pumpkin Head. I too have driven into a hedge disguised item, mine was a bollard - painted green - so clearly common occurrence and very mean of insurance company not to be understanding.

Very gorgeous nephew and fiancee so surely must be copy and paste job. Am thinking of changing all my family photos in same way so I have only beautiful relatives. Have decided that I am really a Princess and should live surrounded by beauty at all times. Which doesn't include dog poo on childrens' shoes.

And I MUST reside at that gorgeous holiday destination, it looks absolutely perfect!

Looking forward to Saturday's postcard 'reveal'.....

Gina said...

Hope your back is better Chrissie (I definitely come into the classic middle age gardiner category). It's not only you that is gorgeous... gorgeous relatives too!

Anonymous said...

Forget the bad bits. Enjoy your much needed holiday and look forward to all those handsome mediterranean types who will be calling out "hello gorgeous!" to you.

Menopausal musing said...

Ye wee temptress! I CANNOT believe you are about to be 60! Having met you, I CANNOT believe it. What are you on, because I want a bucket load of it! Re driving into the brick pillar......... we have magic gateposts.... they just leap out and "hug" my car as I reverse into it..... honestly......... ;O)

Sigh.......... I live in hope that Blogger will reinstate the comments so that I can read them....

thewildhare said...

I very much enjoyed hearing about the pillar - and so, were you planning to drive into the hedge?

Glad your back is on the mend. And I think there are plenty worse things to be called - by all sorts of folk - besides "Class Middle Aged Gardner" and "Gorgeous!" I say Go With Both! :):)

My daughter is traipsing around Europe these two weeks, London, Porto, and Valencia. Your Mediterranean Break looks LOVELY. Have a fabulous time, and visit, and all.