Sunday, 15 May 2011

New York New York! and a magpie's nest

Most of you will probably know that Blogger had a glitch for a couple of days and although I got my last post resinstated, the comments that went with it were lost. Now that's a great shame, as they were very very funny indeed. I was 'accused' of cutting and pasting pages out of the Boden catalogue just to make it look like I had attractive relatives! This seemed to initiate a spate of people resolving to dispose of all their family photos and just use magazine pictures instead. I have a suspicion that most of us would probably end up being 'related' to George Clooney!
The nephew pictured in the last posting was walking down a Manhattan street with his girlfriend and it reminded me of an older photo I have of him in that fair city. He lived there for a while when he was just a toddler and this is a photo of me pushing him in his stroller near the Rockefeller Centre .... I never imagined then that 30 years later he would be 6' 5" and that playing rugby would have rearranged his cute little button nose into about 5 different directions.

I definitely do heart New York - and Lesley has captured this so beautifully in the latest postcard in our Postman's Knock swap.   The felted lovely above was just one of the wonderful interpretations she produced - she always has a head so full of ideas that she can never rein in her generosity and produce just one thing.

I think this concertina card is just magical.   The faded vintage pictures of the skyline are so evocative and have just the right kind of nostalgia attached to them.   And so cleverly presented through the lens and viewfinder of an old camera.   Brilliant!

Look at all the layers of skyscrapers and landmarks that Lesley has incorporated into this 3D card.

And a well-travelled leather suitcase covered in fancy New York hotel stickers -
isn't it great?

And this is the card I made for Joanna, whose theme was 'Collections/Collecting'.   I collaged a magpie out of scraps of paper from my Toast House & Home catalogue and made a shredded paper nest to fill with the magpie's collection of glittery things.   I rather like the postcard I found to put it on and even discovered I had a magpie postage stamp.

OK - got to go and pack my bag for Spain - see you all in a few days!



Jill said...

Postman's Knock is stimulating the creativity glands - and Lesley is certainly buzzing. I thought your magpie nest was great too. And those nephews certainly have a habit of growing up fast.

Joanna said...

I AM so related to George Clooney.....!

The New York New York 'postcard' was beyond stunning, wasn't it?! So clever, so beautifully done. I adored your Magpie for Collections/Collecting. It's so clever how you used a 'real' postcard as your background. I think I must be half Magpie because I can't help but be attracted to sparkly things. And GOLD!

Lucky you, off to Spain. Enjoy.

ps your 6'5" nephew's nose still looks pretty cute to me!!

Menopausal musing said...

That Lesley is one clever girl.... one very, very clever girl......

"See" you when you get back.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic postcards - you are all such creative and talented folk. Enjoy your trip to Spain, Chrissie. The girls and I will see you on your return.

Toffeeapple said...

Aren't you all so creative a clever? The postcards are amazingly good.

Jenny said...

All the cards are brilliant but the magpie one is my favourite. Have a great trip, you aren't missing any sunshine here