Saturday, 7 February 2009

Never been to Morocco

Saturday 7 February 2009

Nope, never been to Morocco, but I love the food! I'm determined to get there one day as I'm sure the vibrant colours and hectic bazaars with a backdrop of the Atlas Mountains would be thrilling.

So this little experiment is sort-of Marrakesh inspired. I was playing with inserting velvet into a wet-felted piece a while ago, and left it on my work table to see what would happen next. Nothing ... Then I made some bound fabric ropes, with no particular ideas in mind, just fiddling about. That sat on the table too. Then the bead box got joggled and out fell the turquoise chunks. Serendipity, don't you think?!
I love the colours that came accidentally together.

3 comments: said...

wonderful colors......., good feltwork!

Laura said...

Stunning. :)

Jackie said...

This is lovely..and I have to tell you that in 3 weeks I'm going to marrakesh! WOOO!I'm a bit scared but very excited.