Thursday, 19 February 2009

What are 'niminy fingers'?

Thursday 19 February 2009

Unfortunately I've been feeling poorly for a few days, and I haven't been able to do the blogposts I had planned, so please forgive me for simply putting up another photograph.
I haven't ever explained here where 'niminy fingers' came from, but it's in a line from a Walter de la Mare poem about Sweet Annie Maroon. It's a word that usually finds itself hyphenated with 'piminy'. 'Niminy-piminy' indicates an affectation of refinement - what a lovely expression - try and fit it into your conversation today!
The little papier mache heart poem in the photograph is fixed to some vintage Indian muslin and English lace scraps, blinged-up with a mother-of-pearl button, a rhinestone clasp and an old glass something-or-other! A real 'affectation of refinement'!

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thewildhare said...

Ah, I love the refinement here!

Hope you feel better soon, Chris.